Jazz In Bath

Jazz Times Two, Jazz Times Three and The Mel Henry Quintet

Jazz Cafe April 24th

Very sad news. Owners Charles and Ann are leaving the Jazz Cafe at the end of the month and the new owners don't want live music.

So Jazz times Three ( Terry Veale, guitar, Bill Lynn, bass and me ) will be playing the last gig there on Friday, 24th April, from 7 p.m.

Don't miss this historic occasion.

MAY 3rd

The annual outing for the MHQ ( Mel Henry Quintet ) on Bank Holiday Sunday, May the 3rd, on the Bandstand, Parade Gardens, Bath at 3 p.m. This year I'm really confident that there will be glorious sunshine. Slouch on a deck chair with a glass of something interesting and enjoy our cool sounds.

MAY 4th

As usual, the rains came. Still, we enjoyed ourselves, but played to the foolhardy few who risked pneumonia.

Jazz Times Two will be at the Farmers' Market, Green Park,

this Saturday, 23rd May


The MHQ ( The Mel Henry Quintet ) will have a rare outing at 3 p.m., Monday August 31st on the Bandstand, Parade Gardens. Let's hope the weather is good!


Jazz Times Two will be at the Farmers' Market, Saturday the 26th September from 10 a.m. Come and listen to our cool sounds while shopping for delicious local produce.


Great news! We have found a new venue, but we need all your support to make it work. JAZZ TIMES THREE will be playing at the CANARY GIN BAR, 3 Queen Street, Bath, 9 p.m., Thursday February 18th, and Thursday 3rd March.Hope to see you there.


Just a reminder of our first gig at our new venue:- JAZZ TIMES THREE at The Canary and Gin Bar, 2-3 Queen Street, Bath, 9 p.m. onwards.

Please come and help us to make this a swinging evening.


JAZZ TIMES THREE will be at the CANARY GIN BAR, 2-3 QUEEN STREET BATH on Thursday 3rd March, 9 p.m. onwards


JAZZ TIME THREE continue their fortnightly gigs at th CANARY GIN BAR, 2-3 QUEEN ST, BATH, on THURSDAY 17TH, 9 P.M. onwards.

The CANARY GIN BAR have decided to stop live music, so JAZZ TIMES THREE fortnightly gig is cancelled, including this Thursday, 21st July. Very sad, but I will be searching for a new venue and will let you know.

However JAZZ TIMES TWO will be at the Green Park Farmers' Market this Saturday, 23rd.

BIG NEWS. Jazz Times Three have a new venue, The Widcombe Social Club, Widcombe Hill. Our first gig will be Wednesday, October 5th, 8 til 10 p.m.. then Wednesday 2nd November and every fortnight afterwards, We really want this to work, and it's a nice comfortable space with a bar ( no food ).

PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT US and tell your friends


JAZZ TIMES THREE are still continuing at Widcombe Social Club, every Wednesday fortnight, from 8 p.m. The next gig is November 30th, so please come and take part in the Christmas festivities. Terry, our guitarist, remains poorly, and so Murph Murphy has gallantly stepped in to the breach

MARCH 30TH 2017

JAZZ TIMES THREE will have our last gig at Widcombe Social Club on Wednesday April 5th, 8 p.m. onwards. Let's go out in a blaze of glory and make it a memorable evening.

As one door closes another opens. JAZZ TIMES THREE now has a weekly residency at Restaurant Piattino, 7 Edgar Buildings, George Street, Bath, Fridays, 9 till 11 p.m. Our inaugural gig was a real success, with a full house.

MAY 26TH 2017

Piattino still going. We play most Fridays, 8.30 till 10.30.It's a bar as well as a restaurant ( excellent Italian food ), so you can come in for a drink to listen to us

JAZZ TIME THREE are also playing on the Bandstand, Parade Gardens on Bank Holiday Monday, the 29th May.

We have a more or less permanent weekly gig at Piattino now - 8.30 p.m. onwards., on Fridays ( next one 25th August.

Also it's that time again - Jazz Times Three are Playing on the Bandstand on Bank Holiday Monday the 28th August, at 2 p.m. bring your raincoats and wellies and grab a deck chair.

19th April 2018

Sad news.Piattino has not reopened since Christmas and is up for sale. However JAZZ TIMES THREE have an inaugural gig at BATHAMPTON MILL, Mill Lane, BA2 6TS, on Friday, April 27th, 6.30 to 8.30.This is a delightful riverside pub/restaurant, so check it out. We shall be without Murph, bu have Andy Novak on keys, an excellent Bristol based player.